5 sample bottles filled with spiced sugar with labels with from Lex's Pantry

Spice+Sugar Extravaganza: 24 Ways to Elevate Your Flavours Beyond Ordinary!

Get ready to ignite your taste buds with our Spice+Sugar collection! From Lex's Pantry brings you a sensational blend that promises to elevate your culinary creations.

 Discover the Spice+Sugar Extravaganza: 26 Ways to Elevate Your Flavours Beyond Ordinary!

  1. Sweetened Coffee ☕: Kickstart your day with a cozy fall twist in your morning cup of joe with our Eggnog Spice+Sugar, Gingerbread Spice+Sugar or Pumpkin Spice+Sugar.
  2. Oatmeal Upgrade 🥣: Transform your morning oats with a dash of one of our Spice+Sugar seasonal blend - breakfast has never been so delicious!
  3. Cocktail Rim Surprise 🍹: Experiment with different Spice+Sugar blends to rim cocktail glasses for a personalized and festive touch to your drinks.
  4. Flavorful Dips and Spreads 🍞: Mix any of our Spice+Sugar blends into cream cheese or your favorite spread for a unique twist on bagels or toast.
  5. Whipped Cream Delight 🍨: Mix it into homemade whipped cream or sprinkle on canned whip to top off your desserts with a touch of indulgence.
  6. Salad Dressing 🥗: Add one into your vinaigrette for a surprising flavour kick in salads. The Pumpkin Spice+Sugar and Apple Pie Spice+Sugar both pair beautifully with apple cider vinegar. 🍏
  7. Pancake Perfection 🥞: Sprinkle them into your pancake batter for a delightful Canadian fall breakfast.
  8. Spicy Ice Cream🍦: Swirl any of our Spice+Sugar blends into vanilla ice cream for a chilly autumn treat that'll make your taste buds dance. 
  9. Spiced Apple Creations 🍎: Mix our Apple Pie Spice+Sugar, Pumpkin Spice+Sugar or Gingerbread Spice+Sugar into applesauce for a warm, comforting flavor that feels like a hug from the inside.
  10. Granola Delight 🌾: Add to your granola mix before baking for a crunchy, spiced-up breakfast.
  11. Seasonal Smoothie🍹: Add a pinch to your daily smoothie for a taste of winter's sweetness.
  12. Decadent Milkshakes 🥤: Blend any of them into a milkshake for a decadent fall dessert (or breakfast - we won't judge!).
  13. French Toast Perfection 🍞: Dip your French toast in a Spice+Sugar-infused batter for brunch perfection.
  14. Soupe d'Automne 🍲: Perk up your Butternut Squash soup with a pinch of Pumpkin Spice+Sugar, taking it from soupe du jour to a fall masterpiece.
  15. Pie Extravaganza 🥧: And, of course, both our Pumpkin Spice+Sugar and Apple Pie Spice+Sugar are designed to make pies that will be the star of any feast!
  16. Yogurt Fusion 🥄: Stir one into yogurt for a healthy and flavorful snack that's as delightful as a crisp autumn day.
  17. Waffle Wonderland 🧇: Upgrade your waffle batter with a sprinkle of Eggnog Spice+Sugar for a breakfast that's both delightful and comforting.
  18. Gourmet Grilled Cheese 🧀: Sprinkle one the bread before grilling for a sweet and savory twist to your classic grilled cheese sandwich.
  19. Trail Mix Magic 🥜: Toss with nuts and dried fruits for an energizing and flavorful snack on-the-go.
  20. Fruit Salad Elevation 🍇: Sprinkle over fresh fruit salad to turn a simple dish into a burst of seasonal flavors.
  21. Spiced Nuts Extravaganza 🌰: Candy-coat nuts with Spice+Sugar for a sweet and spicy snack.
  22. Infused Syrup Splendor 🍯: Mix with simple syrup for a unique and tasty addition to your coffee or cocktails. 
  23. Hot Chocolate Bliss ☕: Stir into hot chocolate for a cozy and aromatic winter beverage. Especially great with our Gingerbread Spice+Sugar.
  24. Use Anywhere You'd Use Sugar 💡: Elevate any dish with any of our Spice+Sugar blends - the secret ingredient for a touch of magic!

Ready to Spice Things Up?

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