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From Lex's Pantry: Where Spice Transforms into Flavorful Delights!

At From Lex's Pantry, we embody Alexa (Lex) Clark's passion for spices and her unwavering desire to bring more spice, flavour, and fun into people's lives. As a digital marketer, professional food critic, and best-selling author of restaurant guides, Lex has always had a deep appreciation for the culinary world. With decades of experience and a journey fueled by her love for flavours, Lex is now sharing her meticulously crafted small-batch, hand-crafted artisanal spice blends, BBQ rubs, and flavors with you, straight From Lex's Pantry.

meticulously crafted small-batch, hand-crafted artisanal spice blends...

Lex selling spices at a farmer's market

Our commitment to quality and mindful ingredient selection is at the heart of our brand. All our spice blends are vegan, gluten-free, additive-free, dairy-free, and nut-free, ensuring that everyone can savour our creations. (Our baking mixes are not gluten-free.)

From the moment you open our carefully packaged blends, you'll be greeted with a tantalizing aroma that hints at the explosion of taste awaiting your palate. Each batch is lovingly curated and tested to ensure an exceptional culinary journey.

Whether you're an adventurous home cook, a passionate foodie, a professional chef, or someone seeking to elevate a quick meal into something exceptional, From Lex's Pantry is here to inspire and empower you.

We understand that your time is precious. That's why our artisanal spice blends are designed to be used in many ways, from a quick weeknight dinner to a gourmet feast. We want you to be able to effortlessly transform even the simplest of dishes into fun culinary experiences. Whether you're whipping up some mac & cheese, grilling a succulent piece of meat, or preparing a multi-course meal to impress your friends. 

Infuse your meals with depth, complexity, and that 'wow' factor by using our spices blends and recipes.

Join us on this flavourful adventure as together we bring more spice, flavour, and fun to life, making even your quickest meals exceptional. Let us inspire your culinary creativity, one dish at a time.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of flavour? Come explore From Lex's Pantry today and unlock a world of taste sensations that will transform your everyday cooking into extraordinary experiences!

About Alexa "Lex" Clark:

From farm to fryer, front-of-house to back-of-house, Lex has always been obsessed with flavour and aroma.

Lex as a small child with a wide grin, holding a very large cookie

Her culinary journey started in the family vegetable stand, then expanded to working at The Daily Grind, a family spice & coffee shop and the Market Basket all in the Saint John City Market. She honed her skills in restaurant and catering kitchens, both in the back and front of the house. Lex's passion for food led her to explore restaurants as a customer, connoisseur, critic, culinary judge and eventually a best-selling author of CheapEats Restaurant Guides for Toronto and Ottawa.

Lex's love for flavours extended beyond the pages of her guides. She co-founded the Secret Pickle Supper Club, a widely celebrated underground supper club in Toronto, with Chef Matt Kantor.

Then continued to cook, develop her own recipes, and create spice blends throughout her culinary adventures. Lex's food journey, popular photos, and many of her own recipes are chronicled at her blog - unsweetened.ca

With a passion for giving back, Lex has collaborated with numerous organizations, including Conquer Covid19, Second Harvest, and Daily Bread Food Bank. During the pandemic, she played a pivotal role in addressing PPE shortages in Canada by leading the social media team for Conquer Covid19. Lex has also co-chaired Toronto Taste, the largest fundraiser supporting Second Harvest, and co-founded HoHoTO, a successful charity event raising funds for Daily Bread Food Bank. She's also often invited to host, MC and judge at food producer events and culinary competitions. 

Lex's path took a turn when she suffered a serious concussion in 2017, leading her on a journey of recovery that still continues 6 years later. With determination and resilience, Lex adapted to her new reality. She shifted from consulting to launch From Lex's Pantry. In addition, she started some informal art therapy. Her original art cards, born from these therapeutic sessions, have found a place in the world through her Redbubble store and a selection are also available here: From Lex's Pantry

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