Montreal Steak Spice

Montreal Steak Spice

Is there anything more perfect, than a perfect steak straight from the grill? 

Well, we think it's slightly more perfect with this Montreal-style Steak Spice. 



Before you season your steaks, pat them dry and let them air-dry. Both sides for at least 30 minutes. The drier the surface of the steak, the better the sear you will get when it hits the grill.

Doing a reverse sear? The same principle applies. 

Just sprinkle or rub on Montreal Steak Spice From Lex's Pantry and do your magic. 

Serve with your favourite sides from caesar salad to baked potatoes, fresh asparagus to steak-house style pickles. Or just slice against the grain and pop on top of a garden salad with a  drizzle of balsamic. Perfection!   

Try Something New

  • Montreal Steak Spice Burgers! If you haven't tried them yet, now is the time.
  • Give it a try on a grilled portobella mushroom too.
  • Rub into salmon before roasting or pan-frying 
  • Sprinkle on buttered popcorn to spice things up
  • Use as a quick pickling spice
  • Try it on your bacon before cooking
  • Add to baked potatoes
  • Sauté vegetables with a pinch
  • Stir into your mustard before making sandwiches
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