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Porchetta Spice Blend

Porchetta Spice Blend

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Make a full-on porchetta at home with our special Porchetta Spice Blend. 

This glorious roasted pork dish, originating in central Italy, is perfect for impressing guests or a lovely family dinner. 

Porchetta is made with pork belly and loin flattened and rolled up, jelly roll style, with a wonderfully fragrant and flavourful mix of spices and herbs. Cooked low and slow so the flavours meld and the fat renders all the meat tender and juicy. Then finished with a blast of hot to create the perfect crisp skin crackling. So so good.

Our Porchetta Spice Blend will allow you to do just that.

Yes, you CAN make your own Porchetta masterpiece with this rub.

The leftovers make a mighty fine sandwich. Heck, just make it for the sandwiches! Restaurants have been built on less.  

Recipes using Porchetta Spice Blend

Should you want to go a little faster, you can also grab a piece of pork loin, rub it down with our Porchetta Spice Blend and throw it on the grill to get that porchetta flavour without having to roll it all up.
Or just mix it into some ground pork for the porchetta flavour and grill up as a "porchetta meat loaf" or "porchetta-burgers"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Generally I'm not a huge fan of spices, I like my food more on the plain side but was given the porchetta spice to try. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour! It has fennel in it, so, if you're not a fan, it might not be for you, however if you like fennel, this is a great spice to add to your pork or chicken. I'll be using it again! Thanks for adding some extra flavour to my meats!

So delighted you tried it and took the time to leave a review.
The fennel is a bit of a surprise, I'm glad it was a pleasant one.

Howard Thompson
Better like Fennel

Fennel...think licorice. Generally, my wife hates black licorice, so this was not looking good.
I bought this in the hope of doing something new with cauliflower. Oil and the spice. Thrown in a convection oven. My wife liked it, I did too. Almost had a pickled flavour that came into play.

Why only 4/5? It was good but I need a family that loves fennel more. So, if it was just for me then I think it would get more mileage. So, I now know what Porchetta spice is ....

Photo is prior to cooking.

  • Spice Storage

    Spices, rubs and spice blends, should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place and used quickly to get the most flavour from them.

    Ground spices typically lose their freshness and are often past their peak in 6 months.

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