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Maritime Biscuit Mix

Maritime Biscuit Mix

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Say goodbye to boring carbs! Our Maritime Biscuit Mix allows you to whip up traditional tea biscuits, make Southern-style biscuits, or top your cobblers in the blink of an eye. 

The mix comes in 3 varieties: 

  • Traditional - to create beautifully golden brown on the outside, white and tender on the inside tea biscuits made with unbleached white flour.   
  • Rustic - makes a glorious golden outside and inside biscuit, with a slightly nutty flavour from the locally-sourced and ground whole wheat flour. But don't worry, they are still light and fluffy!
  • Island-style - a playful mix of the two for when you want the goodness of the Rustic but have company that might be fussy about not eating hippie food. 

Our Maritime Biscuit mixes are perfect for vegan and vegetarian biscuit lovers, and there are no additives here!

Just follow the recipe, included, to whip them up in no time at all.

Recipes using Maritime Biscuit Mix

Perfect for those lazy days when you want a bit of East-coast Canadian flavour without having to fly home. Try it today - you won't believe how easy it is to make!

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Customer Reviews

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Howard Thompson
I don’t really make biscuits, on occasion I buy them

I check in my cupboard way way way way at the back was a box of Bisquick. I dug it out. BB Aug 09, 2012. Yup, I do not make biscuits. Not even an instant one. Somehow I got turned off, gave up, or something happened. Just started buying them to go with old-fashioned strawberry things and such.

I looked at a youtube video to make sure I had the rough technique compared to the instructions and I made them. They turned out pretty good. I gave some to a friend who is a pastry foodie and they said “delicious”. So, these seem a success. I ate them with my favourite cherry jam for breakfast. The end. Repeat :-)

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