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Fish Taco Spice Dredge

Fish Taco Spice Dredge

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Whether you are doing Taco Tuesday or a Taco bar for a party, or even whipping up a couple of tacos for late-night snacks, our Fish Taco Spice mix has you covered.

Recipes using Fish Taco Spice Mix

Making Fish Tacos

We've got you covered whether you want a grilled, pan-fried or deep-fried fish taco. 

Grilled or Pan-Fried Fish Tacos

Rinse and pat dry your fish. Portion into medium to large portions that will fit on your grill or pan. We find we get a better cook if we only break it into smaller bit-sized portions for the tacos after we cook the fish. 

Season your fish with your Fish Taco Spice Mix From Lex's Pantry.

Optionally you can gently dredge in flour or corn meal. (We often do a mix but that won't help the gluten-free folks among us) 

Cook over medium-high heat and pay close attention so you don't overcook your fish. 

Remove from heat and serve immediately. 

Deep-fried Fish Tacos

Rinse and pat dry your fish, and portion into bit-sized pieces.

Make a simple batter, add a pinch or two of your Fish Taco Spice Mix From Lex's Pantry.

Season the fish with your Fish Taco Spice Mix From Lex's Pantry.

Then coat in the batter and deep fry. 

Serving Fish Tacos

The fish is ready, where are the shells? 

Fish tacos are great in soft corn tortillas or flour tortillas. You can even just plunk it on bun and call it a fish sandwich. 

Topping Fish Tacos

Instagram is filled with fish tacos and the assorted drizzled cremas. 

We like top ours with a red pepper crema, a little hot sauce and a simple cabbage slaw. 

If you want cheese, we recommend a little crumbled cotija, which is a slightly salty Mexican cheese. (Feta will do in a crunch) 

Try Something New

Fish Taco Spice Mix From Lex's Pantry doesn't have to be for tacos. You can always grill your fish and serve it with rice and salad. Or do fried fish with chips. 

The world is your oyster, or your fish taco!


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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Browne
Fish tacos so good there is no need to order them in a restaurant!!

I have made fish tacos for years, but love the ease and flavour profile of Lex’s Pantry. Good clean ingredients, powerful favour punch and straight forward instructions.

I used halibut, baked it in the oven and it was perfection.

I can’t wait to use the other season blends I purchased!

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    Ground spices typically lose their freshness and are often past their peak in 6 months.

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