The Perfect Fish Taco with Our Signature Fish Taco Spice & Dredge

The Perfect Fish Taco with Our Signature Fish Taco Spice & Dredge

Fish Tacos are a great way to eat more fish and have tacos too. Whether you are pan-frying, deep-frying or baking your fish, it always goes in a taco!  Our preferred method is to serve with baby greens or a slaw, a simple crema (see  below) and some hot sauce. 


  • 2-3T Fish Taco Seasoning 
  • 1lb fresh fish - haddock, tilapia, catfish, trout or cod are our favourites
  • Oil and butter - if pan frying; Oil - if deep frying 

  • Instructions

    • Pat dry your fish
    • Dredge in Fish Taco Spice Mix dredging means coating the fish evenly in the seasoning.
    • Pan fry, deep fry or bake your fish until cooked
    • Serve on tortillas with lettuce, tomato and sour cream for basic Tex-Mex Taco style. Or with finely diced onion and cilantro in soft corn tortillas for Mexican Street Taco style. 

    Taco Shells

    Traditionally fish tacos are served on small soft corn tortillas. But if you prefer hard corn shells, go for it! Flour tortillas are also available in multiple sizes and you can wrap your fish up as a fish burrito if you would like.

    You can even just plunk it on bun for a Fishwich.

    Sometimes we will use lettuce leaves if we are feeling like a bit more veggie crunch! Romaine and iceberg lettuce leaves work well for fish taco lettuce wraps. 

    Want to get fancy?

    No problem! 

    Basics fancy - add some sliced avocado and a little hit of hot sauce. 

    Extra fancy - try making a Crema, or drizzle, to top your tacos. It's easy and impresses your family and guests! A recipe for one of Lex's favourite Killer Drizzles coming soon! 

    Want to get Basic? 

    We got you! 

    Fishwich this up by slamming your fish between 2 buns slathered with tartar sauce. We find someone is doing this if we end up with any left over fish from taco night. Trout fishwich, Tilapia fishwich, pollock fishwichs, cat fishwich... they all work. Heck if you want to get Fancy Basic, put it in a baguette style roll, spread on some remoulade in place of the tartar sauce or  drizzle on some aoili and call it a po'boy. 

    Try Something New

    While we call this a fish taco spice, it is a great dredge if you are pan frying your fish and serving it with rice and salad too.  

    Need More Fish Taco Spice & Dredge?

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