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Danforth Greek Spice Blend

Danforth Greek Spice Blend

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Custom Blend

Experience the rich taste of the Danforth with our vegan and additive-free Danforth Greek Spice Blend. Enjoy tantalising herbs, robust spices, and the unmistakable aroma of Greek cuisine in every bite. Try it today and excite your tastebuds!

This spice blend reminds us of fresh summer nights but uses spices that have been used and combined since ancient Greece.

Danforth Greek is a wildly versatile blend that can be used to make Greek Salad Dressing, marinade lamb, make souvlaki, and as a seasoning for rice, along with many other uses. We are working diligently to share all the ways we use it at home ourselves in our recipe section.  

Did you know that marjoram, one of the ingredients in this blend, is said to bring happiness? Or that the aroma of lemon peel, another ingredient,  promotes feelings of relaxation while reducing stress? Maybe that's part of why this blend is such a favourite!  

Recipes using Danforth Greek Spice Blend

Try Something New?

We love to hear, and see, how people are using our spices. If you do something new, please share it with us via Instagram, chat or email, so we can share it with others! (crediting you of course!)

Try Something Quick and Easy. 

Mix things up and turn this into a Greek Lamb Burger. Mix a little of our marinade blend straight in your ground lamb, or try 50/50 lamb and beef for a tasty and more economical option! Yum!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Miriam Fiorentino
Danforth Greek is my FAVE

omg i can't get enough of how good this makes my chicken taste. i mix it in with mayo and mix it well, top my chicken with it and viola. delish and juicy!
It's now a regular in our meals


We made such amazing chicken and yogurt dip with this, and used some on our roasted potatoes too. It made such an amazing greek-themed meal that we absolutely adored! One of the mainstays in our kitchen.

Need in kitchen, always!

Apparently I need to always have this on hand, because my husband and daughter said it needs to be on our regular dinner rotation! my husband says he could eat Danforth Greek Chicken Souvlaki every day!

Wow, Christine, what an endorsement!
I'm so glad you are all enjoying it.
Did you use the recipe on the site:, your own recipe or wing it?

Anna Costa
Lex is the best

I’ve tried few of Lex’s spices and we live it! By now our favourite is the Danforth Greek! Can’t wait to try the rest we already bought! See you at the market this summer!

it's was a delight to see you so regularly at the market last summer. I have some bad news though, we won't be going back to East Gwillimbury this year. You can always order online for delivery or pickup, but since we always love to see you, please keep an eye out for the markets we are doing near you!

Love it!

I wasn’t able to find the perfect Greek seasoning spice for my chicken, but this one hits the mark! I also use it on my pork chops, it’s simply delicious. It has the perfect combination of spices that I was looking for.

  • Spice Storage

    Spices, rubs and spice blends, should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place and used quickly to get the most flavour from them.

    Ground spices typically lose their freshness and are often past their peak in 6 months.

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