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Gyros Spice Blend

Gyros Spice Blend

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Make your own gyros at home with all the great flavours of your favourite takeout.  Or use this Middle Eastern-style marinade blend as a rub on your next roast or steak. 

Lex has been tweaking this Beef Gyros Blend to get it just right for years. She's excited to have you try it and make your own gyros at home. 

The word "Gyros" comes from the Greek "turn" / "round". A street food with orgins possibly in Turkey (doner kebab) or Armenia. While it is similar to other vertical rotisserie street foods like Shawarma, traditionally served by carving off the cooked outside edges and stuffing them into a pita, onto rice or a salad. Gyros is made using ground meat.  

Using our Beef Gyros Spice Blend, just mix with ground beef and you are ready to go. 

Cooking Beef Gyros

On the BBQ 

The quickest and easiest way is to form your Beef Gyros into patties and cook them as you would a hamburger.

In the Kitchen

You form your gyros into a meatloaf and cook it as you would a meatloaf or cook patties on a hot cast iron grill to get that nice crispy edge. 

Have a Rotisserie? 

You can also build a tube of ground meat and slow roast it on your rotisserie if you'd prefer. It's certainly fun to do occasionally. 

Recipes using Gyros Spice Blend

Try Something New

Mix things up and turn this into a Gryos Burger by serving it between buns instead of in a pita wrap. 


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Customer Reviews

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Howard Thompson
Very good but don't think you are making donair meat... hmm..unless you hit this with garlic, maybe

Finely ground spice. Opening I’m hit with cloves, which is fine. But I know that is going to be the stronger note and it was when the meat was cooked. The other spices are more subtle. For me, gyros… donairs… somewhere the balance is with garlic, onions, maybe parsley… I’m not as sure what gyro meat is spiced as by itself.. maybe this… it was nice… but if you hate cloves, maybe you should look elsewhere. It is a fine enough mix that you could use it on say grilled cauliflower.

Why not 5/5? I'm not as much of a cloves fan. I have donair meet in my freezer.... The flavours work. I fully enjoyed it. But I have to adjust to this being different than what my brain thinks toward donair/gyros. But but but, it is also true that maybe I should have used less spice and augmented it with garlic .... then maybe it would be closer to my experience of the donair/gyros world.

Disclaimer, I used to work with Alexa many decades ago...the review is truly MY overly opinionated view and I did pay for these spices.

Thanks for your detailed feedback Howard.
You are right, the Gyros spice is more Gyros/Doner than Donair.
So I have gone back to my notes, and my maritime heritage to include a new Halifax Donair spice blend. Which, like the adjustments made in the 70s for Canadian palates, is more like the donairs of our childhoods with the sweet sauce (made seperately)

  • Spice Storage

    Spices, rubs and spice blends, should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place and used quickly to get the most flavour from them.

    Ground spices typically lose their freshness and are often past their peak in 6 months.

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