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From Lex's Pantry

Shawarma Marinade Blend

Shawarma Marinade Blend

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Make your own shawarma at home with all the great flavours of your favourite takeout.  Or use this Middle Eastern-style Marinade Blend as a rub the next time you roast chicken thighs or a whole chicken. 

Chicken Shawarma is a favourite here. Especially served on rice with salad. and all the sauces!! Lex has been tweaking her Shawarma marinade blend to get it just right for chicken. She's excited to have you try it and make your own Chicken Shawarma at home. 

Originating in the 18th or 19th century, Shawarma comes from the Ottoman Empire. Similar to the Turkish döner and the Greek gyro, it's named based on the cooking technique, from the word for “turning” in Arabic. Shawarma also spelled shawurma or shawerma, is made by stacking thin slices of heavily spiced meats piled onto a spit in a cone-like shape and roasting slowly for hours on a vertical rotisserie. It's traditionally a street food that is served by carving off the cooked outside edges and stuffing them into a pita, onto rice or a salad.

Recipes using Shawarma Marinade Spice Blend

Cooking Chicken Shawarma  

Using Chicken Shawarma Marinade Blend From Lex's Pantry, slice your meat and mix it with our marinade blend, a little yogurt and some lemon juice. (Don't worry, we'll send more details with the package.)

On the BBQ 

sear your thinly sliced chicken pieces on your grill over medium to medium-high heat. Or if you want a slightly more traditional method thread your chicken onto skewers and slow roast it on low-medium to medium indirect heat. 

In the Kitchen

You can slow roast your shawarma marinated chicken in the oven, or use a hot cast iron pan to get that dry sear that is traditional Shawarma. Remember to get your chicken up to an internal temperature of 165ºF.

Have a Rotisserie? 

You can also build a cone-shaped spit of meat if you have a vertical rotisserie or just load it on your spit and slow roast on your rotisserie if you'd prefer. It's a wonderful way to do it, if you have enough meat. 

Try Something New

Mix things up and try your Chicken Shawarma Marinade Blend From Lex's Pantry on your next barbecued or roasted chicken. You might be surprised! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Angela McCart
Absolutely delicious!

We love this spice blend! The flavours are amazing, and my whole family (even the one who doesn't like spice) enjoys it. It's the perfect solution to make plain chicken breasts into something special. I never have enough time to let it marinate for the recommended time, but it still tastes fantastic (probably even better if I let it marinate for the proper amount of time.) It's delicious served on naan bread, pita, or straight off the skewer with rice and a salad. Definitely going to keep buying this.

Julie McDonell
Chicken Shawarma

This spice blend is amazing- I decided to marinate with this seasoning and buttermilk over night and make them into skewers- they were a HUGE hit! Nothing left at the end of the meal! Highly recommend

Oh, I love the idea of using buttermilk. Thanks for sharing that Julie! If you want to share the Chicken Shawarma Skewers recipe with the buttermilk just DM it to me. I'd love to include it in our recipe blog for everyone to enjoy.
Delighted to hear they were a hit!

Alex Worsfold
Chicken Shawarma Marinade Blend

Excellent and the included recipe sheet is a great help

Chicken Shawarma

Amazing blend of spices! Absolutely tasty mix!

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