Taco Spice Mix Recipe

Taco Spice Mix Recipe

Tacos have become a staple, so much so that they have claimed Tuesday as their own! 


  • 2-3T Taco Spice Mix
  • 2lb ground meat - beef, chicken, turkey, venison, or ground meat alternative
  • 1c Beef Stock, or water


  • Brown your meat until mostly cooked through
  • Add 2T Taco Seasoning Mix and mix to coat all the meat.
  • Deglaze the pan with a splash of stock or water.
  • Add the remaining liquid and cook down until you have a nice sauce. 
  • Taste and adjust with a bit more spice mix or liquid until you have the right taco meat for you. 
  • Serve with cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream in hard shells for Tex-Mex Taco style. Or with finely diced onion and cilantro in soft corn tortillas for Mexican Street Taco style.

Want to get fancy?

No problem! Sauté a couple of onions, a jalapeno, and/or some red pepper slices before you brown the meat. Or use Steak instead of ground beef. 

Taco Shells

Use hard corn shells, soft corn tortillas or flour tortillas. You can even just plunk it on bun for a Taco "Joe". We often use lettuce leaves instead of tortillas for a more taco meat in crystal folds kind of dish inspired by Mexican, Chinese and Korean dishes. Romaine and iceberg lettuce leaves work well for this. 

Leftover Tacos?

If you make too much taco meat, (that never happens here), try portioning and freezing your taco meat for quick quesadillas or burittos. 

Looking for a non-meat taco?

This is great on any ground meat alternative, tofu and TVP. Even a meaty mushroom like a portabello makes for a wonderful taco meat alternative, and our spice blend works with them beautifully.  

Try Something New

There are lots of fun ways to use our Taco Spice Blend to go way beyond tacos. Have you tried Cornbread Tamale Pie? Use it as a base for your Chili. 

Perfect for ground beef, but also steak, ground pork, ground chicken or ground turkey

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